Always has been considered as special muscles shoulder and in fact they do. What are their locations in the body and it is because some broad shoulders delight of many women. Broad shoulders are a sign of virility and strength, and endow the back of greater width.

Hence the importance that the shoulders have to be in the gym is paramount, but has always been less successful than the biceps or chest. So let us help you with this shoulder routine, so that you may wear tank tops this summer and do not go unnoticed.

Wider shoulders

Military press behind the neck:

The first and most important exercise is the military press behind the neck. Normally a bank will be adapted to the use or multipower. The back of the bench has to be perfectly straight and is likely that you can not put much weight. The descent is made to the neck and lifted above his head but never too high. There will be four sets of ten repetitions.

Dumbbell lateral raise:

In front of the mirror you was lying with two weights in each hand and you will elevate them sideways with the elbows slightly bent toward inside. The secret is not to go too low and hold the weight in the air all you can. There will be four sets of eight repetitions.

Front raises with disc:

We will take the heaviest hard to see with both hands and with arms extended parallel to what we will raise our face. Ideally also hold weight here and not go too low. There will be four sets of eight repetitions.

Birds with dumbbells:

Lying face down on support bench will dumbbells inclined in the soil and will rise so that the arms form an angle of ninety degrees relative to the torso. If there is a monitor in the room would be ideal if you specify the correct posture as this can be misleading. There will be four sets of fifteen repetitions. With this routine will not be difficult for your shoulders growth occurs quickly and overwhelming