Lee Haney bodybuilding represented a return to the monstrous mass of days of Sergio and Arnold. The size difference between Haney and Zane and Dickerson was great. Haney was not exceptional biceps, but a huge and big shoulders back and chest.

It was good enough to score a record eight consecutive Mr. Olympia, something no one thought possible when Arnold retired.

Lee Haney

Training Lee could be called strong bodybuilding: he said: “I’ve always used the movements of energy in my training, even during the last six or eight weeks before a competition I have helped to keep the size”.

Lee was able to maintain its large volume and mass appear in the competition. Used a mixture of strength training, a major turnaround with a composite action between five and seven repetitions mixed with what he called a rhythmic series, which were lower in weight and up to 12 repetitions.

It started with strong moves to the rhythmic passage. He used the principle of the pyramid, increasing the weight gradually. He trained three days of rest and sometimes two a day for recovery. When he approached the competition continued with the exercise of power, but reduced caloric intake and added two or three sessions of aerobic exercise per week to reduce fat.

In short, his philosophy was: “Although the sport is more sophisticated, the equipment used, the basic principle is that you have mass and strength to be a true champion”, he said. Lee did and he won by almost a decade.