With extraordinary physical Lazar Angelov is a reference in the world of fitness. This time we have the opportunity to see a video with the exercises you perform for the chest workout.

First Lazar Angelov begins his training of chest with the bench press exercise. Performed 6 sets of this exercise gradually diminishes between the series repeats, except in the last series that repeats increases and decreases the range of motion, as well as the weight that mobilizes, which is much lower than with respect to the first series.

Lazar Angelov

The following exercise carried out is an inclined dumbbell press. Make this series with a weight of 50 kg each dumbbell. The replicates of each series are always lower than 10 and the execution speed is usually the same between the eccentric and concentric. It is a good technique controlling both phases.

Continuing his chest workout with bench press declined to bar more funds in parallel and pushups on the floor. Make a series in the press declined and immediately be parallel to 8-10 repetitions of funds. After funds ends with pushups on the floor; it is a very intense and exhausting triset.

To finish his chest workout Lazar Angelov takes some crossings pulleys from above. Of these last two years we see the number of series that takes but if you were making about the same series as the previous exercise, your chest routine would have about a 15 to 18 series in total.