The electro fitness, also known as passive exercise, is defined by the use of electrical stimulation to the muscles to react through a program defined as the strength training, fitness, or the bodybuilding.

Electro fitness

This method is generally used to facilitate the rapid increase in muscle mass. The electrodes placed on the skin surface are tasked to transmit brief electrical pulses to stimulate nerve fibers peripheral muscles.

The main objectives are the motor nerves, which are at the origin of the muscle mechanical responses and sensory nerve fibers for endorphin and pain relieving effects.

The expected reaction is the contraction of muscles, caused by the intermediary of an external stimulus on a particular muscle. When using device electro fitness, the contraction of the muscles is not made voluntarily. The contractions are caused by external electrical impulses coming from the apparatus employed.

With such devices can be programmed frequency, and intensity of these impulses. Some studies have shown that the use of these devices is not dangerous to health. Indeed, the intensity and duration of electrical stimulation produced by these devices are sufficiently weak to avoid any attack at the level of the body’s cells.

The current generated by these devices is manifested by a ratio or a cyclic waveform to allow the muscles to contract depending on the intensity and frequency of the pulses. Electrical appliances can be used either to promote the recovery, after considerable physical effort, either to prepare the muscles before returning to any type of physical training.

Certainly, may favor the elimination of lactic acids, responsible for pain caused by certain stiffness. The use of this device can be performed daily, if we take into account the variation of the muscles to be worked, with a maximum of 1 hour per day for each body part.