The muscular congestion is caused by blood flow to the muscles during a training session being easy to achieve especially if you work long series but with light loads.

This method is typically used by some models for their photo shoots and also bodybuilders, although the volume gain obtained is temporary, as muscle tissue is not, but the muscles swell with blood that comes and this gradually disappears once the series of exercises for biceps and triceps.

Congestion muscle

It is necessary to note that this volume is momentary gain and congestion does not mean muscle growth while it may have its uses as it carries oxygen and nutrients during exercise.

However, some people have trouble getting this muscle congestion and usually this is due to diet or too inefficient technique in the execution of the exercise routine. Also, not all muscle groups are easy to congest such as shoulders.

There are several methods that can help you gain inches on arms for a day and for that we must work long series for light loads resulting in a large volume of training with high repetitions.

No experts recommend using these methods routinely muscle congestion as well may disappear shortly bring the practitioner to overtraining.

To achieve muscular congestion should be reduced rest time and extend the series or even slowing down on each repetition.

Experts recommend training with traditional methods and, if desired, and at the end of training or at the end of the series of each muscle group to do a longer series and using less weight to end the feeling of congestion.

No need to train for a long time to achieve muscle congestion and usually an hour of hard work enough, being important to control and break times in addition to long runs with little weight can also reduce the time between each set to thirty seconds to achieve an increase in congestion.