To enter the world of advanced training we think today help you organize a varied and intelligent tactic every 4 weeks for your workouts. The body is a perfect machine to fit, so it is very important to know that this trick works for us and great progress in a short time.

For this purpose we have designed guidelines so you choose the exercises more sense of work providing you forget completely of what work you to others and focus on listen to your body.

Periodization training

First stage:

It is dedicated to general conditioning through the quest for better capillarization muscle. It is a work program sets 12 to 25 reps and short rests between them, which together with adequate aerobic activity will cause an increase in resistance to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Also it will include flexibility exercises for greater joint mobility. The intensity will be moderate and concentrate on the perfect execution of the exercises: mind-muscle connection. The maximum duration of this phase will be 3 to 4 weeks.

Second stage:

It is dedicated to the strength and power. We allow the hypertrophy phase handle higher loads. Breaks shall not be less than 2 m, which means that the exhaustion of the previous series should not affect the implementation of the following series and even less in pyramidal. Right now we must focus on priority work with more intensity and more groups that cost us develop. It may take a break of 2 workouts every 4 weeks.

Third cycle:

If you really have a weakness, it’s time to work it. In this case the goal is to dedicate the group maximum concentration and effort while others are just enough for maintenance. It would be meaningless to specialize one group and with the same intensity train else.

In practice, what results is more often given alternate two weeks of work specific to the body part in question, using techniques such as (heavy duty, supersets, forced negative) in a lightweight working the rest of the body.

Fourth cycle:

Muscle volume, and will be proceeding the period in which we want to be in top form. We devote a basic exercise each muscle group, with a number of repetitions rather low to maintain as much as possible the force and so pass to other exercises with a higher number of repetitions and recovery times shorter to work different muscle fibers.