All men want to have a bigger and stronger arm. If you have already made arms training to achieve bigger and stronger of the gym, there are 5 tips that you can not miss.

Possibly the arms is the body part that gives the impression of greater strength and muscle development. Getting bigger and stronger arms are at your fingertips following these 5 tips from the pros and bodybuilding training.

bigger and stronger arms

1. Warm up before training to get big arms and strong

Once I get to the gym, I heat 10 minutes on the treadmill to get the blood flow throughout the body. After that, I’m like 5 minutes stretching. When he finished warming up, I will play it safe and start doing exercises at a normal pace instead of starting with supersets of biceps and triceps. I finish my first bottle of water and go right to the EZ bar.

Roger Lockridge, personal trainer.

2. Compound exercises to get big arms and strong

In my opinion, if you really want big arms, you need to focus most of your training on compound exercises to make you stronger: squats, deadlifts, pullups, rowing inverted military press and bench press. This is what will help your arms more, even if you believe it or not.

Joe Dowell, personal trainer.

3. Train arms separately to get big arms and strong

As soon as I started training the biceps and triceps together one day and separated the chest and back workout, my arms began to improve. Being cooler in each workout, I was ready to hire me deeply into each workout to achieve the desired arms.

Ryan Mackie, bodybuilder.

4. Isolation exercises for big arms and strong

When I get to train biceps and triceps, I focus on exercises that allow me to achieve maximum muscle isolation. Instead of bench press close grip, do triceps extensions. Instead of standing biceps curl with dumbbells, sit on a bench, elbow support leg and achievement so that the biceps do all the work.

Fouad Abiad, IFBB Pro.

5. Use different techniques to get big arms and strong

If you always do the same exercises with the same never put your muscles out of the comfort zone and, therefore, will never improve. Make changes every two workouts. You can change the order of the exercises, change the exercises with pulley by free weights, or make a series of 50 reps with half of the weight that you’re used to moving.

Matt Danielsson, Personal trainer IFBB.